“They were more than just teachers, always available to offer some great advice on whatever was needed”

Lewis Ashton studying Sport Science at LJMU

“The standard of teaching proved to be second to none, whilst at the same time we, as parents received all the support and feedback that we too needed and we were always kept updated with our daughter’s progress with regular parents meetings”

Ruth Gresty – Parent

“As well as the course being very interesting, the teaching was a huge contributing factor to me and the class enjoying the course as they were extremely helpful and kept us all motivated throughout the two year period. I feel these factors were the reason for my success and others in my class. I highly recommend the course to others”

Jane Bazley-Harrison studying Podiatry at Salford University

“The Sport Science Course I did was fantastic for me as it developed my knowledge and confidence”

Jess Wright studying Sport Science at York University

Why should you choose Educate Me for your daughter or son? Apart from our proven successful track record with our students, we have been awarded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED twice within the last two school inspections for TEACHING and LEARNING over the last three years.
With our unique teaching system, we continually achieve fantastic results both academically and socially.

We passionately believe that young people need to be actively engaged in their learning to maximise potential and are not passive bystanders. All too often, students are taught at and not included in the learning process. Sixth form is about preparing students for their onward journey from school. They need to be challenged continually in their studies, personal development and future aspirations. Without setting future targets, students lack the motivation needed to succeed. Developing intrinsic motivation, self regulation and continual stimuli is absolutely necessary for students to achieve . This is part of our unique teaching system that we give a new focus to the learner and their learning.


We believe that formative (ongoing) is just as important as summative (final) assessment methods, as this is another important part of the learning jigsaw. It is vital as it allows students to express their knowledge and more importantly, their application of that knowledge throughout the course. Part of our rationale stems from preparing the students for life in University education. We aim to mimic the assessment process of a degree and with past and ongoing experience, of lecturing on degree, masters and PHD courses, we believe we are experts at delivering the optimum experience.
Assessments include presentations (group and individual), written tests, reports, individualised project work, oral tests, individual learning diary, blogs and production of data supporting objective tests with athletes. We have been commended by Edexcel for our innovative assessments through which students can express their knowledge.

Teaching and Learning Styles

There is a lot of research on what are the best teaching and learning styles. There is no one way that students learn and an outstanding teacher will provide the expertise to deliver all of the learning styles. Recent research from Newcastle University suggests that there might be as many as 71 different learning styles!

Ultimately a teacher has to engage the students through setting the right motivational climate and evironment. All too often, classrooms can be sterile, unruly, boring, disengaged and anxious environments. A motivated student is a productive student. The teaching has to set boundaries but also provide a platform for students to excel, progress and develop. A teacher must show respect, knowledge, passion and empathy for their students. The stimulus that the students receive must continually challenge the students through socratic questioning, varied student avtivities, clever use of IT and exciting resources to prevent habituation (boredom and switching off).

Exit Route

The exit route for the Extended Diploma is University. The varied routes our students have taken include the following:

  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Sport Science
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sport Therapy
  • Football Science
  • Podiatry
  • Sport Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Coaching Science
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Teaching

Course Content

The following are the units:

Unit 1 – Anatomy for Sport and Exercise

Unit 2 – Sport and Exercise Psychology

Unit 3 – Sport and Exercise Physiology

Unit 4 – Research Methods for Sport and Exercise Sciences

Unit 5 – Research Project in Sport and Exercise Sciences

Unit 6 – Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise

Unit 7 – Sports Biomechanics in Action

Unit 8 – Sports Nutrition

Unit 9 – Analysis of Sports Performance

Unit 10 – Sports Coaching

Unit 11 – Fitness Training and Programming

Unit 12 – Sports Injuries

Unit 13 – Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Unit 14 – Work Experience in Sport

Unit 15 – Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology

Unit 16 – Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology

Unit 17 – Profiling Sports Performance

Unit 18 – Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise
We believe in teaching the most relevant, varied and challenging units. We teach not only the syllabus but extra information that we, as experts, know the students will need to have a grasp of when they move into Higher Education. We supplement this knowledge with visits to the following:

  • Professional football clubs
  • St Georges Park
  • Universities
  • Rugby league and union clubs
  • Hockey and Basketball teams
  • Physiotherapists
  • Restaurants

We would like to highlight that students are taught research methods and the skills they acquire are utilised through a personal project (mini dissertation). Research methods are an integral part of any degree course and higher education. The Extended Diploma is the only sport BTEC qualification that includes research methods. A levels do not include research methods.

Private Tuition

We also offer a private qualification route for your daughter/son. This is unique in that no other school or college can offer this route and suite of qualifications. The course content and qualifications are as follows:

  • BTEC extended diploma in Sport and Exercise Science
  • Personal trainer course
  • Lifeguard qualification
  • First aid
  • PTTLLS certificate (first teaching qualification)
  • Assessors award (A1)
  • Dartfish leaders award
  • Martial arts qualification
  • FA level 1 certificate

This route is fully managed by ourselves and we certificate the learners as an accredited training provider. This gives the students a fantastic advantage both academically and vocationally. They will have been taught by experts in a motivating environment where they gain a first teaching qualification and assessors award. They can gain employment with these qualifications as well as studying at Higher education.