Lewis Ashton – LJMU studying Sport Science

Undoubtedly taking the BTEC Sport course gave me the perfect preparation for University.
The course teaches all the major components of a Sports Degree and helped me gaining a great base of knowledge around Sport Science which has been invaluable too me in University.
Brian & Andy were great for me whilst I studied the course. They knew the ins and outs of the course and were always pushing me to be the best I could be thus achieving great grades.They were more than just teachers, always available to offer some great advice on whatever was needed.

Ruth Gresty – Parent

Our daughter, Rachael has always had a strong interest in sport, so it came as no surprise when she decided to study on a Btec level 3 course in Sports and Exercise Science. She enquired at several sixth forms, before enrolling at St. Margaret’s Sixth Form which turned out to be a wise choice.

The course was based at St. Margaret’s sixth form which provided a nice environment for Rachael. The expert teaching was provided by Brian Mcgorry and his staff, who’s standard of teaching proved to be second to none. At the same time we as parents received all the support and feed back that we  needed and we were always kept updated with our daughters progress with regular parents meetings.

We feel extremely fortunate that Rachael had the opportunity to study this course at sixth form where she received the highest standard of teaching and support. We were delighted to find that she had secured her place at her chosen university after achieving an overall grade of two distinctions and a merit (DDM) and is now studying Sports and Exercise Science at Liverpool John Moores University. Rachael feels that the two years she spent studying at sixth form helped prepare her massively for university. We would like to thank St Margaret’s sixth form for having the foresight to bring in experts to deliver the Sports Science course to our daughter. Without which, with all the support and outstanding teaching, Rachael would not have gone to university.

Daniel Stubbs – LJMU studying Sport Science

BTEC was the perfect foundation for my degree. It prepared me academically for university, and also taught me how to work indepently and in groups. It allows you to develop the skills required to cope with the increased workload and independent learning of university. The teaching was excellent, Brian and Andy’s knowledge about the topics was outstanding. They were also always on hand to help with any work related/personal problems.

Jane Bazely-Harrison – Salford University Studying Podiatry

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it was very interesting and the teachers were very knowledgeable. I also enjoyed that the modules were taught and assessed it different ways and by different teachers. The module of Biomechanics stood out for me as it stretched us as pupils as it was to level 4 standard. I felt this made the course stand out from others as it was unusual and everyone enjoyed it. Moving schools to take part in this course was the best decision as it stood us in a good position for university as we learnt many skills such as referencing and individual study. As well as the course being very interesting, the teaching was a huge contributing factor to me and the class enjoying the course as they were extremely helpful and kept us all motivated throughout the two year period. I feel these factors were the reason for my success and others in my class. I highly recommend the course to others.

Jess Wright – York University studying Sport Science

The Sport Science Course I did was fantastic for me as it developed my knowledge and confidence. I never thought I would be giving presentations in Uni after leaving year 11 literally blushing if the teacher spoke to me. The classes were fun and I never felt that I couldn’t join in lessons. The knowledge I gained was fantastic and I am looking forward to finishing my degree.

Anna Carson – Edge Hill University studying Sports Therapy

I am studying Sports Therapy and it is fanatastic. I never thought leaving year 11 that I would take this career option however the Sport Injury unit on the Sport Science course give me the motivation and belief that i could follow this pathway. A physiotherapist come into our class to teach a lesson and answer our questions about physiotherapy which really made my mind up. I am gaining great experience now with the university netball team. Thank You!