Educate Me Students At HOST Restaurants

Year 13 Educate Me and St Margaret’s students enjoyed a fantastic day out today. HOST restaurant owner Gary Manning and Educate Me Director of Teaching & Learning, Brian McGorry, arranged the event.

The students were given fantastic food to taste at the restaurant but not before they applied their nutritional knowledge they have acquired on the BTEC Extended Sport and Exercise Diploma to different questions from Gary.

The students are studying to gain a place on various degree course in September 2014. This day out of the classroom is invaluable in providing the students with “real world” experience and a chance to apply their knowledge rather than case tudies.

Gary guided the students through the eclectic ingredients that HOST use in their 5 star cooking. The main message was that in Asian cooking there is no added salt to the food, rather the herbs and spices added to the already healthy ingredients makes for a fabulous taste.

The students commented that the 6 grams a day salt limit for adults  means that we should be extra careful with our diet. HOST food provides these healthy ingredients in adundance coupled with fantastic cooking.

Gary commented that “the students have excellent knowledge in nutrition and they are a credit to Educate Me.

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