“As well as the course being very interesting, the teaching was a huge contributing factor to me and the class enjoying the course as they were extremely helpful and kept us all motivated throughout the two year period. I feel these factors were the reason for my success and others in my class. I highly recommend the course to others”

Jane Bazely- Harrison Studying Podiatry at Salford University

The options open to you for sixth form are vast. Different Schools and colleges all offer courses towards the sports/teaching industry. If you want a career in sports teaching, sport science, physiotherapy, sports therapy, podiatry, strength & conditioning, personal training or anything related to sport a BTEC Extended Diploma is the best qualification to study for.

There are lots of BTEC’s on offer but be careful that the BTEC you study gives you the best chance to get into your first choice university. All of our students achieve their first choice University .

We are experts in what we deliver. We have extensive high level experience in providing the best sport education in a productive, fun environment. You will visit professional sports clubs, St Georges Park, Universities and many other places which will enrich your learning experience.


University, Employment, Officer training, Scholarships and Further qualifications are all possible. All you have to do is attend, work hard and have fun!

It is YOUR life! You need the best possible start to realise your potential. The decision you make now could affect the next 10 years whether you achieve the important university place you want or gaining the job you really want. You really need to research other courses in what their achievements are for their students.
Ask questions of how their students progressed and what they are doing now.

  • Can you talk to their past students so they can provide you with answers?
  • Have they achieved OUTSTANDING from OFSTED for their teaching?
  • Do their students continually outperform their targets?
  • Do their students all pass their first year of university?
  • Are they taught by experts in their area?

This really is an important decision. We like our students to make decisions based on all the information available, this is called being objective. We believe this is what makes great people, those who can make the best decsions at critical and important times!

Skills Learnt

You will learn the following:

  • How you improve a football kick, basketball freethrow, javelin through, in fact any type of sporting technique.
  • How to use Quintic, the most advanced form of 3D-Kinematic analysis software (we are the only further education provider using this in the North West.
  • How to profile a sports performer to improve their perfromenace
  • How to research properly (not taught on other BTEC’s or A levels)
  • How to write and present a dissertation which is fantastic preparation for university
  • How to take lactate and glucose measuremets from blood samples to increase performance
  • How to put together a diet for a top athlete
  • How you compile a rehabilaitation programme for an athlete with a serious injury
  • How you improve the performance of an athlete through sport psychology
  • How to review journals, which is important in University life.