About Us

“Learner’s have demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the topics in question and explained the concepts of the assignment in detail. Their knowledge and explanations of topics such as the sliding filament theory were excellent”

Mrs M Andrew - Standards Verifier Edexcel (Pearson)

“Staff have established a robust, consistent and transparent approach to internal verification and assessment procedures which is compliant with the awarding body regulatory requirements”

Marilyn Gauld - Pearson Quality Review

Educate Me has been teaching in partnership with schools for 5 years. We have achieved excellent results with the students in that time and helped the teaching within the school to become outstanding. We believe our expertise and experience in delivering bespoke courses enhances the student environment. We deliver courses from level 1 to Foundation Degree level. Our staff also deliver within Higher Education to PhD level.

As a student we believe that your thoughts should be “me from Day One.” Everything you do from Day One will help you to achieve your goals.

Why should you choose Educate Me? We have a proven successful track record with our students within sixth form including:

  • Students gaining entry into their preferred first choice university
  • Record results at the schools we teach in with outstanding quality of students work
  • Commended by Edexcel and CYQ for our Assessment and Quality Assurance Procedures
  • Described as “the best teachers in the North West”
  • We have been awarded OUTSTANDING by OFSTED twice within the last two school inspections for TEACHING and LEARNING over the last three years

With our unique teaching system, we continually achieve fantastic results both academically and socially. We passionately believe that young people need to be actively engaged in their learning to maximise potential and are not passive bystanders. All too often, students are taught at and not included in the learning process. Sixth form is about preparing students for their onward journey from school. They need to be challenged continually in their studies, personal development and future aspirations. Without setting future targets, students lack the motivation needed to succeed.

Developing meta cognitive skills including intrinsic motivation and self-regulation within students are vitally important to their development. Added to continual focused stimuli, students begin to improve and learn. This is part of our unique teaching system that we give a new focus to the learner and their learning.

We have over 70 years experience of teaching level 1 through to PHD students. We believe we are experts at delivering the perfect experience for sixth form students.

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