5 A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

The government’s public health message is to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg per day.  But what does this look like and what constitutes a portion?  This was the topic of conversation for the Educate Me level 3 personal trainer students as they experimented with locally sourced fruit and veg as part of their nutrition module.

Learners researched what the government recommends as a portion size and then weighed and assembled their 5 a day on the plates in from of them.  Each had an opportunity to taste some of the more obscure fruit and veg for the first time.  Learners then linked to previous learning by associating the fruit and veg on the plates in front of them with the vitamin and mineral content that they contained.

Shaun commented “I didn’t know what a portion was before this lesson, but now I can see what I should be recommending people eat.  It is quite a lot of food but I now know I can advise people to swap some of the veg with larger fruits which are easier to eat.”